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The Home Economics Seminar Centre within the Department of Curriculum Management develops a wide range of quality learning programmes, events, training, outreach programmes and school-based activities as well as resources that have been popular with teachers and students for many years. Be it a workshop in a specialised food lab, a demo or an engaging problem-based exploration of a Home Economics-related theme, programmes aim to complement the Home Economics curriculum with hands-on and inspiring learning experiences through a value-oriented formation encompassing equity, social justice, diversity and inclusivity.

Our goal with this new website is to communicate the major role of the various Home Economics literacies in promoting family and consumer well-being, through curriculum development and implementation in different settings and with different population groups. Furthermore, we aim to provide our visitors with an easier way to learn about the services offered as well as to provide a platform to showcase what schools are doing to integrate these Home Economics-related literacies,  manifested through the organisation of activities, events and initiatives.

Additionally, the importance of delivering clear and consistent messages throughout schools/colleges and across the school environment has been addressed through the provision of resources and easy access to the latest publications and documentation in the area. This further corroborates HESC’s role in policy development, school action plan and national target implementation through multi-stakeholder collaboration.

We would love to hear what your school is doing to integrate Home Economics-related literacies. Furthermore, we look forward to your feedback to further customize the site to fit your needs. If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to email us via our contacts page.


Lorraine Dimech Magrin

Education Officer – Home Economics

Department of Curriculum Management